Outstanding Educator Award

Due Date for 2020 Convention: TBD

In an effort to recognize outstanding teaching and service to the field of business education in Kansas, the Kansas Business Education Association will annually accept nominations and recognize the following:


Outstanding rookie secondary business educator

Outstanding secondary business educator

Outstanding post-secondary business educator


Recognition for these three awards will be forthcoming at the annual convention of the Kansas Business Education Association.


Share-An-Idea Contest

Due Date for 2020 Convention: TBD

In an effort to encourage Kansas business educators to share unique and innovative teaching ideas with other business educators throughout the state, the Kansas Business Education Association will be soliciting teaching techniques and motivating educational exercises in a contest similar to the “Share-An-Idea” contest sponsored by the MountainPlains Business Education Association.  

KBEA Scholarship Award

Due Date for 2020 Convention: TBD

Information regarding the Scholarship has yet to be determined the 2020 Convention.  Please return to this page at the end of March to see details.